Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right – 385 West 12th Street

Walking down this charming cobblestoned street in the far West Village between Washington Street and West Street, one feels like they could be walking down a contemporary cover of Bob Dylan’s The Freewheelin’.  And if you take even the briefest moment to look up from your best Bob Dylan impression, you’ll notice a magnificent postwar building clad in various proportions of copper sheathing. It’s color cunningly blends the building in with ...

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Oneill Building

The O’Neill Building – 655 Sixth Avenue

The storied O’Neill Building is inundated with history and is a classic tale of New York City resiliency and endurance. Over 130 years old and designed by Mortimer C. Merrit, this colossal building has humble origins. Beginning as a small store in the current lot, immigrant brothers, Hugh and Henry O’Neill, slowly built up their business and bought out the surrounding lots. Completed in 1887, it took the brothers 20 ...

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